Horsehead Nebula

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A clumpy dome of blueish-gray clouds rises about a third of the way from the bottom. Above it, streaky, translucent red wisps brush upward to about halfway up the image. The top half of the image is the black background of space with one prominent, bright white star with Webb’s 8-point diffraction spikes. Additional stars and galaxies are scattered throughout the image, although very few are seen through the thick clouds at bottom and all are significantly smaller than the largest star.

Webb Captures Top of Iconic Horsehead Nebula in Unprecedented Detail

4 min read

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured the sharpest infrared images to date of a zoomed-in portion of one of…

Article3 months ago
Horsehead Nebula in infrared

NASA’s Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color

2 min read

Astronomers have used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to photograph the iconic Horsehead Nebula in a new, infrared light to mark…

Article11 years ago