Binary Stars

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Discovery Alert: Mini-Neptune in Double Star System is a Planetary Puzzle

4 min read

The Discovery A planet that could resemble a smaller version of our own Neptune orbits one of two Sun-like stars…

Article4 weeks ago
A binary system containing a pulsar that sometimes disrupts the stream coming from its companion star, which changes the type of emission it produces.

NASA’s Fermi Mission Nets 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars … and Counting

7 min read

A new catalog produced by a French-led international team of astronomers shows that NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered…

Article7 months ago
This image depicts a gamma-ray burst caused by the merger of two neutron stars. The merger creates gravitational waves (shown as pale arcs rippling outward) being created following the merger of two neutron stars, a near-light-speed jet that produced gamma rays (shown as brown cones and a rapidly traveling magenta glow erupting from the center of the collision), and a donut-shaped ring of expanding blue debris around the center of the explosion. A variety of colors represent the wavelengths of light produced by the kilonova, creating violet to blue-white to red bursts above and below the collision.

Gamma-Ray Bursts: Black Hole Birth Announcements

4 min read

Gamma-ray bursts are the brightest, most violent explosions in the universe, but they can be surprisingly tricky to detect. Our…

Article1 year ago

Multiple Star Systems

4 min read

Multiple Star Systems Our solar system, with its eight planets orbiting a solitary Sun, feels familiar because it’s where we…


NASA Visualization Rounds Up the Best-Known Black Hole Systems

4 min read

Nearby black holes and their stellar companions form an astrophysical rogues’ gallery in this new NASA visualization. Stars born with…

Article2 years ago

NASA’s Roman Mission to Probe Cosmic Secrets Using Exploding Stars

7 min read

NASA’s upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will see thousands of exploding stars called supernovae across vast stretches of time…

Article3 years ago