Red Dwarfs

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Space scene of a thin atmosphere version of Gliese 12 b

NASA’s TESS Finds Intriguing World Sized Between Earth, Venus

5 min read

Using observations by NASA’s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and many other facilities, two international teams of astronomers have discovered…

Article1 month ago

Discovery Alert: An Earth-sized World and Its Ultra-cool Star

4 min read

Our galaxy is a jewel box of red stars. More than 70% of the stars in the Milky Way are…

Article1 month ago
This illustration shows the ball of a red dwarf star. It is mottled with dark spots and finger-like filamentary outbursts. In front is a much smaller black circle representing the silhouette of a planet passing in front of the star. The red dwarf's furious activity is causing the planet's atmosphere to escape into space. This appears as wispy blue filaments along the planet’s straight horizontal orbital path. The star is colored a rich red because it is cooler than our Sun.

Hubble Sees Evaporating Planet Getting the Hiccups

6 min read

A young planet whirling around a petulant red dwarf star is changing in unpredictable ways orbit-by-orbit. It is so close…

Article11 months ago


7 min read

Types of Stars The universe’s stars range in brightness, size, color, and behavior. Some types change into others very quickly,…

Orbiting each other at the right distance, binary stars can control each other's spin and reduce otherwise harmful radiation levels that could threaten life on a habitable exoplanet.

Tamer in twos: Binary Stars May Be Havens for Habitability

4 min read

New research has found that life among binary stars, as imagined in Star Wars, might be more feasible than originally…

Article11 years ago