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NASA’s Chandra Releases Doubleheader of Blockbuster Hits

4 min read

New movies of two of the most famous objects in the sky — the Crab Nebula and Cassiopeia A —…

Article3 weeks ago
The Pinwheel galaxy (M101) as imaged by the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, with SN 2023ixf circled.

NASA’s Fermi Mission Sees No Gamma Rays from Nearby Supernova

5 min read

A nearby supernova in 2023 offered astrophysicists an excellent opportunity to test ideas about how these types of explosions boost…

Article1 month ago

Listen to the Universe: New NASA Sonifications and Documentary

4 min read

Three new sonifications of images from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes have been released in conjunction with a…

Article3 months ago
A three-panel image of a supernova remnant. The left panel is labeled “NIRCam” while the two right panels are labeled “MIRI M R S Argon two” (at top) and “NIRSpec I F U Argon six” (at bottom). At left, a mottled light pinkish-orange oval whose inner edge resembles a string of pearls. Within the oval is a dense blue-green cloud, shaped like a keyhole. Three stars with six-point diffraction patterns surround the oval. Above and below these structures, are very faint orange rings, which form a figure eight pattern. The center of the supernova remnant is surrounded by a white box with lines leading to the upper and lower right of the image, where two stacked panels show a bright orange ring with an orange dot in the middle. The upper panel is fuzzier and more blobby, while the bottom panel has more clearly defined edges around the ring and central dot.

Webb Finds Evidence for Neutron Star at Heart of Young Supernova Remnant

5 min read

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has found the best evidence yet for emission from a neutron star at the site…

Article3 months ago

NASA’s Roman to Use Rare Events to Calculate Expansion Rate of Universe

5 min read

Astronomers investigating one of the most pressing mysteries of the cosmos – the rate at which the universe is expanding…

Article3 months ago
A galaxy that is flat and misshapen. Above and on its right side are plumes of shining gas and dust, while its center and left side are dimmer and patchier. A trail of dark, dim dust stretches from below the galaxy up and off to the left, where there are three more bright patches. The background around the galaxy is quite dark. It holds a few small background galaxies and one bright, foreground star.

Hubble Views a Galactic Supernova Site

2 min read

This image features a relatively small galaxy known as UGC 5189A, which is located about 150 million light-years away in the constellation…

Article4 months ago