Mass Change Study Community Workshop Planned - 30 July – 1 August 2019


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The Earth Science Decadal Survey identified Mass Change as a high priority Designated Observables (DO) to be addressed.

NASA studies are being conducted to explore observing system architectures to address the Designated Observables, while honoring the cost targets proposed by the Decadal Survey report. The goal of the Mass Change study is to define science goals and objectives, the desired capabilities associated with these observables, and observing systems approaches to achieve them.

Led by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the Mass Change study has significant multi-NASA-Center participation. Additionally, participation by commercial, university, international, and non-NASA USA agencies is sought and encouraged.

A Mass Change Community Workshop will be held in Washington, DC on 30 July – 1 August 2019. The workshop will span 2.5 days with the last day being a half-day. It will include plenary sessions as well as subject matter breakout sessions to facilitate in-depth discussions. The workshop will introduce the invited participants to the Mass Change study framework and content, and seek input from the participants on the draft Science and Applications Traceability Matrix that will be the underpinning of observing-system architecture studies. The workshop will also serve as a forum to discuss potential architectures and potential new technologies that could be implemented. The focused science objectives, their relationship to the driving Decadal Survey science goals, and the approaches required to answer these objectives will also be discussed.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Mass Change team stakeholder briefing on study plans and progress
  2. Elicit feedback from science and applications community on SATM and performance targets
  3. Elicit input on measurement technologies and mission architectures

Topics will include:

  • Overview of the Earth Science Decadal Survey Strategy
  • Mass Change study overview & schedule
  • Mass Change Science and Applications Traceability Matrix
  • Mass Change mission architectures
  • Mass Change technologies and technology development

Attendance is by invitation-only.  Additional participants may be invited with concurrence from the organizing committee (contact the Mass Change Study Team at There is no registration fee.

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