Surface Topography and Vegetation (STV) Technology Breakouts

Breakout Recordings and Presentations



Stereo Photogrammetry

Information Systems

The STV Study Team is seeking input on current and emerging technology capabilities that can serve future needs for height measurements of the Earth’s topography, vegetation structure and bathymetry. Attached are quad chart templates providing the format for inputs which indicate the kinds of information we are seeking. Technologies of interest for the study are:

  • Instrumentation, including hardware or processing and analysis methods.
  • Information systems, including hardware or software for assessment or operation of observing systems, sensor webs, or multi-source data fusion and analysis.
  • Platforms, including UAV, aircraft or satellites and systems for on-platform data processing and transmission.

Current technologies (≥ TRL 7) are those at a high level of maturity being used in Earth observing systems.

Emerging technologies (≤ TRL 6) are those at a lower level of maturity with have the potential to be used in future Earth observing systems.

NASA Technical Readiness Level (TRL) definitions are available at

This information will aid the Study Team in identifying gaps in current observing capabilities and gathering information about emerging capabilities that would help close those gaps.

Submitted quad charts will be included in the study White Paper delivered to NASA. Only material suitable for full and open distribution shall be submitted. Submittals shall be considered approved by the providing organization to be suitable for full and open distribution. No proprietary, export controlled, classified, or sensitive material should be provided.