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Radio JOVE 2023 Solar Eclipse Observations

A collage of colorful spectrogram images showing solar radio bursts and images of the sun with solar flares and Jupiter. The title reads The Radio JOVE Project and Citizen Science using a multi-frequency radio telescope to observe Jupiter, the Sun, the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth-based radio emissions.
The Radio JOVE logo, with radio data from the Sun and Jupiter.
Credit: The Radio JOVE Project

NASA’s Radio JOVE project wants your help to study the Sun! Radio JOVE, in partnership with the SunRISE Ground Radio Lab, is planning to use radio telescopes to make coordinated observations of the Sun for the 2024 solar eclipse. With our plans and training modules, you can build and use your own radio telescope and contribute data to this research effort. 

Radio JOVE’s amateur scientists from around the world observe and analyze natural radio emissions of Jupiter, the Sun, and our galaxy using their own easy to construct radio telescopes. Now Radio JOVE is studying the Sun at radio frequencies below 30 MHz to better understand the radio emissions caused by solar activity. We will learn about how energetic plasma in the sun’s  corona generates these waves, and how the waves travel through the Earth’s ionosphere.

Learn more and join us here: https://radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov/joinin.php

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