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Media Get Close-Up of NASA’s Jupiter-Bound Europa Clipper

5 min read

Excitement is mounting as the largest spacecraft NASA has ever built for a planetary mission gets readied for an October launch. Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California are running final tests and preparing the agency’s Europa Clipper…

Article4 days ago

NASA’s Europa Clipper Survives and Thrives in ‘Outer Space’ on Earth

6 min read

A gantlet of tests prepared the spacecraft for its challenging trip to the Jupiter system, where it will explore the icy moon Europa and its subsurface ocean. In less than six months, NASA is set to launch Europa Clipper on…

Article3 weeks ago
A side-by-side image showing both faces of Jupiter on the black background of space. At the top, left corner of the left-hand image is the label Jupiter. Centered at the bottom is the label "January 5, 2024." Jupiter is banded in stripes of brownish orange, light gray, soft yellow, and shades of cream, punctuated with many large storms and small white clouds. The largest storm, the Great Red Spot, is the most prominent feature in the left bottom third of this view. To its lower right is a smaller reddish anticyclone, Red Spot Jr. On the right-hand image, centered at the bottom is the label "January 6, 2024." This opposite side of Jupiter is also banded in stripes of brownish orange, light gray, soft yellow, and shades of cream, with many large storms and small white clouds punctuating the planet. At upper right of center, a pair of storms appear next to each other: a deep-red, triangle-shaped cyclone and a reddish anticyclone. Toward the far-left edge of this view is Jupiter's tiny orange-colored moon Io.

Hubble Tracks Jupiter’s Stormy Weather

3 min read

The giant planet Jupiter, in all its banded glory, is revisited by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in these latest images, taken on January 5-6, 2024, capturing both sides of the planet. Hubble monitors Jupiter and the other outer solar system…

Article1 month ago

NASA Unveils Design for Message Heading to Jupiter’s Moon Europa

6 min read

When it launches in October, the agency’s Europa Clipper spacecraft will carry a richly layered dispatch that includes more than 2.6 million names submitted by the public. Following in NASA’s storied tradition of sending inspirational messages into space, the agency…

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NASA’s Juno Mission Measures Oxygen Production at Europa

6 min read

The ice-covered Jovian moon generates 1,000 tons of oxygen every 24 hours – enough to keep a million humans breathing for a day. Scientists with NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter have calculated the rate of oxygen being produced at the…

Article1 month ago
A photo of Jupiter from the Hubble Space Telescope. The map shows Jupiter's Great Red Spot and its striking striated bands of color.

Spot the King of Planets: Observe Jupiter

4 min read

Jupiter is easy to observe, and well-documented by astronomers. Learn more about the King of the Planets in February's mid-month article!

Article2 months ago
An image of an orangish-brown moon showing craters and other surface detail; the right hemisphere is lit with sunlight reflected from Jupiter.

For Your Processing Pleasure: The Sharpest Pictures of Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io in a Generation

2 min read

NASA’s Juno spacecraft just made the closest flybys of Jupiter’s moon Io that any spacecraft has carried out in more than 20 years. An instrument on this spacecraft called “JunoCam” returned spectacular, high-resolution images—and raw data are now available for you to process, enhance,…

Article2 months ago

Poised for Science: NASA’s Europa Clipper Instruments Are All Aboard

6 min read

The science performed by the complex suite of instruments recently added to the spacecraft will reveal whether Jupiter’s moon Europa has conditions that could support life. With less than nine months remaining in the countdown to launch, NASA’s Europa Clipper…

Article3 months ago

NASA’s Juno to Get Close Look at Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io on Dec. 30

6 min read

The orbiter has performed 56 flybys of Jupiter and documented close encounters with three of the gas giant’s four largest moons. NASA’s Juno spacecraft will on Saturday, Dec. 30, make the closest flyby of Jupiter’s moon Io that any spacecraft…

Article4 months ago

Time Is Running Out to Add Your Name to NASA’s Europa Clipper

4 min read

Six weeks remain for you to add your name to a microchip that will ride aboard the spacecraft as it explores Jupiter’s moon Europa. It’s not every day that members of the public have the chance to send their names…

Article5 months ago