Archived Nuggets

Archived Nuggets

What is a nugget?

A nugget is a one page snapshot of an event that impacted learners using NASA Science-funded experts, content, or authentic experiences.

February 2021

My NASA Data Presents to the Science Education Council
Researcher Sanaz Esmaeili crawls through a lava tube in California to map its size and shape.
Sample Air Quality Investigation Poster

January 2021

2020 Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Virtual Science Festival

December 2020

Slide titled
My NASA Data Presents to NASA’s Climate Change Research Initiative- Educator Ambassador Program
Virtual Programs with NASA Scientists for Public Libraries

November 2020

Three GLOBE Campaigns Present at the Latin America Conference
Earth to Sky Climate Science & Communication Workshop
GLOBE Mission Earth Partner
Screen shot of slide entitled
Earth to Sky Brings NASA Earth Science to the National Association for Interpretation

October 2020

Astromaterials SMEs Inspire & Share OSIRIS-REx TAG Details
NASA SEES Alumni Win National Google Hackathon
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the NASA eClips 4D Program

September 2020

Crop of a photo gallery of Girl Scout Badging Event Session Facilitators & Activity Leads.
Three people in orange parkas with a telescope at the South Pole.
NASA SEES 2020 Internship: Mosquito Mappers
Slide with Patrick Taylor, Wanda Hathaway, and Joselyn Hathaway over a teal cloud background.

August 2020

Two Years* of the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign
LaRC Plays a Major Role in GME Elementary GLOBE Hybrid Professional Development
NASA kits to the Blackfeet Nation, MT
Video screenshot of the Sedona landforms with a large Play button.
During a group webcam chat, teachers use their hands to dance.
North Dakota Space Grant Consortium logo
Discover Space Girl Scouts patch featuring colorful cartoon planets.

July 2020

Perseverance Rover sidewalk chalk drawing
Accenture Holds International GLOBE Observer Clouds Competition
Slide titled
Venn diagram of 3 blue raindrops (content, visuals, data).
Aerial view of the Mars surface

June 2020

Three cards entitled
Slide titled
Citizen Scientist Carmen Mandel
Screenshot of a Zoom meeting.

May 2020

2020 Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Virtual Science Festival
NASA Earth System Science Award Webinars
Heat maps of the Gulf of Maine from 1986, 1996, 2006, and 2016.
Engaging Ohio Teachers in GLOBE and NASA Resources
University Engineering Students Present their GLOBE Instrumentation Projects Virtually
Spring into Green
Screenshot of six webinar attendees
Science project board entitled
Screenshot of a 16 member Zoom call.

April 2020

A hand holding a tinfoil-wrapped tube up to a webcam.
Data Literacy Experiences in the Earth Sciences for Preservice STEM Teachers
Spring into Urban Heat Islands with My NASA Data
Astronomy Magazine Interview for Citizen Science Month
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) Virtual Conference
A bearded man uses scissors while a blonde woman smiles for the camera.
Girl Scouts Connected
GLOBE Clouds Family Guide
Solar System Ambassadors and Social Distancing

March 2020

NASA@ My Library March 2020 Nugget
Encouraging Kids To Get Outside with GLOBE During School Closures
Patron Experience Pilot (PEP) Training: A Librarian Workshop in Preparation for a Year Long Project on Interest Development

February 2020

The Impact of a NASA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Visit to Grade 4 Students
Thumbnail with a photo of ice and water on the left and details for a NASA STEAM webinar on the right.
Martian lander made out of paper and pipe cleaners.
Kevin Czajkowski & eight GLOBE Mission EARTH teachers posing in front of a projector screen.
Three people posing in front of a Science Activation booth.
A teacher and an elementary school student examine soils on a tray.
Annie Jump Cannon and Henrietta Leavitt cosplayers looking at a lunar globe.

January 2020

Elizabeth Joyner presenting via webcam next to a My NASA Data graphic.
Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkits
Watershed Management Undergraduates Mentor

December 2019

NIA Collaborates with Virginia Association of Science Teachers for Teacher Professional Development Workshop
NASA eClips Winter 2019 Newsletter Highlights New NASA Resources and Upcoming STEM Events
Astronaut Doug Wheelock shakes a young man's hand.
A man and woman hold paper masks in front of their faces.
A man in a white shirt and hat addresses a group of teachers outside.
A group of people gathered in front of the Earth to Sky Partnership booth.

November 2019

Earth to Sky 2-day Climate Science and Communication Workshop
NASA GLOBE Fall Clouds Challenge receives over 45,000 observations from volunteer citizen scientists
A group of people on the steps of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
Seated college students listening at a session.
Hikers on a lush, sunny trail.
Four people chatting around a table with three laptops
A man and woman holding their hands up in front of the NASA Langley meatball sculpture
Large projector screen displaying a slide entitled
Elizabeth Joyner presenting via webcam next to a My NASA Data graphic.
Group photo in front of wall with NASA Goddard signage
Title slide with the title
Trena Ferrell seated at a display table.
Two students on the floor with a BB-8 robot.
Dr. Michael Evans and college students in a planetarium

October 2019

Apollo 11 landing site recreation on a grassy field.
Six people stand in front of a purple skyline.
Mendenhall Glacier
Molly Taylor near a geocache site on Mount Blackmore.
A young participant preparing to test out his lunar lander, aiming for the Moon's south pole.
Eight people pose in front of a moon and astronaut backdrop.
A person wearing goggles and holding a tarp in the Maumee River.

September 2019

Students preparing to launch water bottle rockets from the field.
Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentín speaking to children with VR headsets.
Two girl scouts use a telescope outside.
Peder Nelson holding a microphone and pointing to a projector slide
Dr. Sharon Bowers helps a young participant create moon maps with bubbles and paint at NASA’s Langley Youth Day
A big and little brother proudly display their successful Mars Lander

August 2019

NASA’s Universe of Learning & Girls Who Code
Children in lime green t-shirts at display tables.
College students flying kites on a lawn.
Group photo of AZGA summer institute participants. Photo taken from above and participants standing on carpeting with Mars crater images printed on it.
Kelly Christopher holds an Apollo 11 model.
Screenshot of slide with multiple smaller slides

July 2019

A Virtual Trip to the Stars with NASA /YWCA & Rosie’s Girls
JFK Library Space Fest
Collage of young students participating in hands-on activities
Three students in front of a projector screen and laptop. On the displays are a bearded man via webcam.
Exhibitions at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport, MS.
A seated young woman holds a VR device to her eyes.
A young girl has her hand in a spacesuit glove at an Apollo booth.
Interns pose outside of the Lunar Curation Lab where Jeremy Kent poses with lunar samples.
Jerry Woodfill holds an Apollo 11 model in front of a webcam.
A group of people on the steps of the Syun-Ichi Akasofu Building.
A handful of people under a tent with a green star projector.

June 2019

Infiniscope team member presenting Infiniscope learning experiences and teaching network on Hyperwall display within NASA booth. Audience seating filled with interested librarians.
GO Oklahoma!
SSTP International Collaborations
STEM Enhancement in Earth Science
People gathered at an outdoor seating area
Artist's rendition of Resource Prospector
Screenshot from
Four high school students sit in a science classroom.
Total Solar Eclipse

May 2019

A young woman builds planets with Play-Doh for a boy.
A group of people fill a set of stairs outside.
NASA at Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

April 2019

Jessica and Leslie look at white cards on their table.
Left: Sharon Bowers demonstrates an app to a young girl. Right: Girl with her finger on a spinning multicolored wheel at an exhibition booth.
Three women look at poster boards titled

March 2019

A young girl points at a laptop screen for another girl.
Troy Cline, Carolyn Ng, Lani Sasser, and Eddie Gonzales pose on a state in front of a SITE banner.
A woman seated at an exhibition booth points to a spot on a lunar globe.
Woman holding a rock.
Sharon Bowers talks to a man at the eClips exhibit booth.
Photo of teacher and student
Group photo in front of a banner that says

February 2019

Carolyn Ng, Tina Harte, and Christine Shupla pose at a NASA Science Activation booth.
Two scientists posing in white protective clothing and masks.
Joan Harper-Neely poses with the NASA eClips Spotlites exhibit table.

November 2018

Local educators analyze “ice core samples” with a NASA eClips activity.

September 2018

A woman wearing a VR headset holds the earth in her hands.

July 2018

A woman stands in front of a wall of screens reading
A woman takes a tablet selfie in front of a green screen.

June 2018

Nine people pose on a baseball field.
Children looking up in a planetarium.
Four people pose with their display table.

May 2018

Students and teachers pose using sign language.
People look through paper tubes with one eye.
Screenshot of slide titled
Animated image of two people looking up at huge planets.
A woman holds a globe in front of children.
Two men holding a Webby award.
Girl Scouts in pink sweatshirts and teal vests at an activity booth
Betsy McAllister poses with an eClips/Spotlite display table.
Two women look at a young boy in front of a display table outdoors.
College students pose with a big kite.
Dr. Czajkowski presents to elementary school students.
A handful of people look at an NIA collage on the wall.
An elementary school student uses polarized sunglasses to test a plastic sample.
Two high schoolers pose in front of their project.
Educators became certified as GLOBE Teachers making Cloud observations using the GLOBE Observer app.

April 2018

A little girl holds a dry-erase board next to a man in a green polo.
The interaction of solar winds with Earth’s magnetosphere visualized in OpenSpace.
Seven students standing in front of a wall.
Map of the U.S. with red and yellow pins. The red represents
A group of people hold colorful signs that say thanks in different language.
Andrea Jones shows a rock to two students.
Six people pose behind a NASA display table.
NASA-themed library kit displayed on a table
Four people hold wooden sticks with pieces of paper up to ceiling lights.