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Celebrating 5000 Exoplanets: Resources

Celebrating 5000 Exoplanets: Resources

Celebrating the confirmation of the 5000th exoplanet? NASA’s Universe of Learning has put together learning resources to help you explore the science of exoplanets, including resources for learners across a wide range of engagement venues, knowledge levels, and interests. These resources were collected for the March 29th, 2022 release of the Astrophysics Variety Hour, a new video released upon the 5000th exoplanet announcement. The video explains the science of exoplanets in an approachable way with a talented and "star-studded" cast.

Watch the video and access the learning resources:

NASA's Universe of Learning also hosted an online event that allowed interested learners to interact directly with exoplanet scientists about this milestone in an "Ask the Astronomers" live chat held on March 30th, 2022.

Watch the recording:

(NASA Science Activation Award No. NNX16AC65A)

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