Mosquitoes! Neighborhood Science with Los Angeles Public Library

Mosquitoes! Neighborhood Science with Los Angeles Public Library

On April 19, Dr. Rusty Low, part of NASA Science Activation's Earth Science Education Collaborative (NESEC) from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, presented the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper as part of Los Angeles Public Library Neighborhood Science Tuesdays (NeiSciTuesdays) webinar. NeiSciTuesdays is a weekly program for the public to learn about contributing to science and sustainable practices in their neighborhood. The interactive webinar included 29 participants who learned why NASA is interested in mosquitoes, how mosquitoes are related to climate change, how to use the GLOBE Observer mobile app to take observations of mosquito habitats, and finally, how to report that data to NASA. Low’s presentation was complemented by educators from the Greater Los Angeles Vector Control Department who talked about mosquito biology and safety.

Watch the live recording:

NESEC’s goal is to enable broad participation in authentic NASA Earth STEM experiences for lifelong learners. They do this by creating engaging, meaningful, and authentic STEM experiences and resources. Learn more:

(NESEC Award No. NNX16AE28A)

Photos of the three presenters at the April 19th Neighborhood Science Webinar.