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Nationwide Sign-ups for the Artemis ROADS Challenge

Nearly 300 middle and high school student teams from 21 states will learn about NASA's Artemis Mission and enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) skills by participating in the Northwest Earth and Space Science Pathways's team's Artemis Rover Observation And Drone Survey (ROADS) Challenge, which runs until late June, 2023. Teams will complete 9 Mission Objectives related to NASA Artemis Missions, which will send humans back to the Moon. At the end of the challenge, teams can submit their results virtually or participate in in-person final challenge events. Teams that complete all the mission objectives will be eligible for a trip to Kennedy Space Center.

NASA’s Northwest Earth and Space Science Pathways's (NESSP) project is supported by NASA under cooperative agreement award number 80NSSC22M0006 and is part of NASA's Science Activation Portfolio. Learn more about NASA’s Universe of Learning: https://science.nasa.gov/science-activation-team/nessp

Small yellow circles and star symbols on this dark blue/gray map of the United States show the locations of the Artemis ROADS teams and final event locations.
Map of Artemis ROADS Teams and final event locations and logo.