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Virtual James Webb Field Trip for an Astronomy Night in Ecuador

Virtual James Webb Field Trip for an Astronomy Night in Ecuador

A member of NASA Science Activation's Infiniscope project, Seyi Okuneye moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador in 2021 to teach science for the InterAmerican Academy. In October of that year, Okuneye held his first Astronomy Night for students and parents in the community, featuring an Infiniscope virtual tour of the International Space Station and Mars Trek in VR. Though it was a small turnout due to the COVID pandemic, 86% of attendees said they would participate again.

Seyi set to work planning his second Astronomy Night, held on March 17th, 2022. This Astronomy Night featured a James Webb Virtual Field Trip built by Infiniscope and guest speaker Dr. William P. Blair, whose contributions were arranged by NASA's Universe of Learning. This event was hugely successful with 120 people in attendance. Seyi is preparing for a third Astronomy night this fall, with plans to bring information about Artemis to the students and parents of Ecuador.

Take the JWST Virtual Tour:

The NASA Science Activation's Infiniscope Project, created by Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, creates digital learning experiences that use NASA data and imagery that are inviting, accessible, and interactive for educators and learners of all ages. Infiniscope provides a virtual space to connect users with cutting edge space exploration experiences that inspire curiosity, excitement, engagement, and confidence and a place where educators can collaborate and create their own interactive digital experiences. Learn more: https://infiniscope.org/

NASA's Universe of Learning is also a Science Activation project team that provides resources and experiences to enable educators to engage their audiences in the science, the story, and the adventure of NASA’s scientific explorations of the Universe. Learn more: https://universe-of-learning.org/

(NASA Science Activation Infiniscope Award No. NNX16AD79A)

Slide 2 from the Event: Students participating in Astronomy night activities. Students created paper craft versions of Webb and coloring activities related to the science of Webb.