Discover Exoplanets: The Search for Alien Worlds

Discover Exoplanets: The Search for Alien Worlds

"Discover Exoplanets: the Search for Alien Earths" is a traveling exhibit that visited Fort Lupton, Colorado, a rural community with a population of ~ 10,000 people, with a 56% Latinx population, from December, 2021 – March, 2022. This exhibit, supported by NASA’s Universe of Learning, serves as a catalyst for community outreach by partnering with and exhibiting at libraries and museums to help the public learn about exoplanets and get connected with other related resources. 

Audience quote: “Everyone has been loving it. They’re opening on Saturdays for this and have had a steady stream of people coming in, and even repeat families! It has even impacted how the city council views the museum and they’re excited to see what else the museum could host. This is the first exhibit for them.” – Stephanie Vierow-Fields (Space Science Institute) 

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(NASA Science Activation Award No. NNX16AC65A)

A museum exhibit space with multiple stations of the Discover Exoplanets exhibit. Each station has a display with informative text, images, and a hands-on activity.