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New York Teachers Tour “Life in the Upside Down”

New York Teachers Tour "Life in the Upside Down"

On April 18th at Green Lake State Park, in Fayetteville, NY, New York State Master Teachers were participants in a unique, astrobiologically significant training opportunity to learn how to create virtual field trips with Infiniscope's Tour It Tool.

The training consisted of three virtual training days to learn more about creating tours that are compelling for students and address culture, relevancy, and accessibility. On the fourth training day, teachers were given the opportunity to work on the lake with Dr. Michael McCormick, a biogeochemist with significant experience in the Green Lake area. He often refers to Green Lake as "Life in the Upside Down" because of the similarities he sees to the Stranger Things series. Teachers boarded Dr. McCormick's research boat and experienced the use of robotic tools used to take photos of the sulfur-rich layer and take measurements below the lake surface. Teachers captured media on this in-person trip to create their own virtual field trips for use in their classrooms.

All teachers reported the highest rating of 9 & 10 on a scale of 1-10 for value of the workshop, the field trip, and their comfort level creating a virtual tour with the Tour It Tool.

The NASA Science Activation's Infiniscope Project, created by Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, creates digital learning experiences that use NASA data and imagery that are inviting, accessible, and interactive for educators and learners of all ages. Infiniscope provides a virtual space to connect users with cutting edge space exploration experiences that inspire curiosity, excitement, engagement, and confidence and a place where educators can collaborate and create their own interactive digital experiences. Learn more: https://infiniscope.org/

(NASA Science Activation Infiniscope Award No. NNX16AD79A)

Image collage from the field trip with educators to Fayettville Green Lake. Image shows sample collection from the boats using robotic