Seed Grant Opportunity Open for NASA SMEs and Early Career Scientists

Seed Grant Opportunity Open for NASA SMEs and Early Career Scientists

Looking for ways to share your science or get involved in outreach activities? The NASA Science Mission Directorate Community of Practice for Education (SCoPE) Team is pleased to announce a rolling funding opportunity through NASA’s Science Activation 2.0 Education and Community Outreach Program (SciAct).

SCoPE offers seed grants of $5K - $20K to scientists and engineers for projects that can bring their science to national audiences with the help of a NASA SciAct Team.

NASA SciAct teams are experts in science communications and education and can assist grant recipients in translating their science to effectively reach diverse audiences. Find out more about the teams and their work. Preference will be given to early career subject matter experts (SMEs, i.e. within 10 years of earning a PhD) and those from underrepresented communities. Funded projects may look like:


Find more information and all requirements on the SCoPE website:

"We are excited to invite scientists and engineers across the NASA community and are particularly looking forward to extending the opportunity to early career scientists working with NASA data and topics." - Meenakshi Wadhwa (NASA SCoPE PI and MSR Principal Scientist)

Note: Seed grants will be available bi-annually. Each application cycle starts with a notice of intent each January 31st and July 31st and the proposal windows close February 28th and August 30th. Awardees are notified within 30 days after the application close date. SCoPE will award up to ~12 projects per year, with an expectation of ~6 each six months, depending on interest. (NASA SCoPE Award No. NNH20ZDA001N)

Seed Funding title with URL to website. $5,000 to $20,000 collaborative grants available to work with NASA-funded education experts to share your science.