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NIA-CISE Collaborates with Screencastify for NASA Spotlite Design Challenge Webinar

NIA-CISE Collaborates with Screencastify for NASA Spotlite Design Challenge Webinar

Educators from the National Institute of Aerospace’s Center for Integrative STEM Education (NIA-CISE) and Screencastify representatives joined forces on April 5, 2022 to show other formal and non-formal educators how to use the NASA Spotlite Design Challenge with learners to confront science misconceptions. The learner-centered webinar reached 283 educators from across the country who were guided through the engineering design process used to create a Spotlite video as well as how to use Screencastify to film, edit, and publish a video.

The NASA Spotlite Design Challenge tasks learner teams with writing an engaging script and producing a 90-120 second video that addresses a science misconception. Teams of learners gather evidence through observations and explorations, capture their findings in a short video, and share their video to challenge others to conduct their own investigations. Research and best practices for correcting misconceptions were discussed. Participants had the opportunity to explore the comprehensive supporting Spotlite Design Challenge resources available on the NASA eClips website, including the criteria and constraints of the Challenge, tips for creating a script and filming, a video production rubric, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Video clips of how past teams have introduced their misconception using a real-world scenario and demonstrations used to inspire viewers to conduct their own investigations were shared. Participants identified the detailed supporting materials and flexible nature of the challenge as reasons why they plan to use the Challenge with learners.

Screencastify, a simple video creation software, is one of a number of platforms that can be used to produce Spotlite videos. Shaun Conway, Partner Solutions Manager at Screencastify, walked educators through the nuts and bolts of using the software to manage and produce a Spotlite video. Participants practiced using Screencastify to build a video using a bank of sample video clips. (NASA Science Activation Award No. NNX16AB91A)

Learn more about Science Activation’s NASA eClips Project Team: https://science.nasa.gov/science-activation-team/eclips

Learn more about the NASA eClips Spotlite Design Challenge: https://nasaeclips.arc.nasa.gov/resources/sdchallenge

Screenshots from the NASA Spotlite Design Challenge Collaboration with Screencastify.