Bridging Science & Math with My NASA Data

Bridging Science & Math with My NASA Data

My NASA Data's (MND) Elizabeth Joyner and Dr. Bradley Hegyi presented to 20 secondary teachers from Radford University as a part of the engineering and science modeling/simulation workshop hosted by LaRC's Office of STEM Engagement. In this session, MND presented remote sensing in the Earth sciences and data literacy concepts. The team showcased access to NASA Earth data using MND's Earth System Data Explorer and how these data can be used to model different types of functions commonly taught in middle and high school math courses using Desmos. MND partnered with a math teacher from Ohio, Steve Phelps, to model how NASA Earth data can be accessed and used with math software teaching tools.

Teacher quotes from the session:

"This is the best use of data that I've seen." -Randy

"This is eye-watering wonderful." -Laura

A graph with waves and mathematical equations.