GLOBE Campaigns Go Indoors

GLOBE Campaigns Go Indoors

GLOBE Campaigns have suspended outdoor fieldwork, but campaign science continued indoors during April 2020:

GLOBE Mission Mosquito conducted an interactive videoconference on April 2 to Meet up and Do Science. The 86 participants from 10 countries included teachers, students, informal educators, and citizen scientists who worked together on a live online activity to analyze a satellite image and habitats reported using GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper data.

Trees Around the GLOBE student research campaign held an April 14 webinar with 67 participants from 16 countries, including 12 students: GLOBE Student Tree Research Extravaganza. Presenters included students and educators from Malta, Croatia, and the United States who shared their tree research, tree culture, and personal tree stories. The students’ research projects showcased data, methods, results, and applications.

For recordings of the April events and upcoming webinars:

Screenshot of YouTube video titled "Trees Around the GLOBE Research..." featuring students in blue uniforms holding green construction paper posters.