Over 300 RB Stall High School Students Connect with a NASA Scientist

Over 300 RB Stall High School Students Connect with a NASA Scientist

Dr. Marangelly Cordero-Fuentes (GSFC) connected with students in all Earth Science classes at RB Stall High School in North Charleston, SC, in September. The school is part of the ENGAGE GLOBE Mission Earth cohort and has the highest English Language Learner population in South Carolina. Dr. Fuentes answered questions in English and Spanish facilitating greater understanding and participation among the students. Dr. Fuentes was also able to address misconceptions among the students including the ideas that science is a "man's job" and that NASA only studies space. Up to 326 students were reached in four connections with 14 classes over four weeks. Topics included hurricanes, modeling, and preparation for a NASA career. NASA Langley's Angie Rizzi coordinated the connections which were done using a subject matter connection framework she developed. The SME frameworks value the SME's time by preparing the students and teacher for the connection through engaging NASA hands-on activities completed prior to the connection.

One of the teachers shares a student question with Dr. Fuentes. Female student question: “Is it weird working at NASA? You know, doing a man’s job?” Dr. Fuentes addressed this first by saying it is not a man’s job, then describing how she enjoys her job and is very productive.

Teacher Feedback:

“The kids loved it!” -Ms. Royle

“Dr. Fuentes was WONDERFUL!!!” -Ms. Saunders

“Dr. Fuentes was relatable to the students when answering their questions. I think her emphasis on setting personal goals and not letting anyone else stop you from working towards them no matter how humble your home life was especially valuable to our demographic. It was also very good for our female students to hear her address girls in science. Thank you so much for arranging the connection and thank you to Dr. Fuentes for rearranging her schedule to accommodate us.” -Ms. Ledford

Video call with Ms. Saunders and class on the top of the screen and Dr. Marangelly Cordero-Fuentes on the bottom.