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NASA SCoPE Makes a “Splash” at AGU Fall Meeting

NASA SCoPE Makes a "Splash" at AGU Fall Meeting

At the AGU Fall Meeting held in December 2021, the NASA Science Mission Directorate's Community of Practice for Education (SCoPE) program team connected with more than 400 career and early career scientists to share how they can get involved with NASA Science Activation (SciAct) program as Subject Matter Experts. The SCoPe team raised awareness about SciAct during an innovation session by playing The Connect Game, a 60's themed demonstration of how scientists connect with SciAct's education and communication experts. Additionally, the NASA booth provided more information on SciAct and SCoPE via information offered at various tables, a Hyperwall presentation, and the Gone Fishin' game, which provided more opportunities for visitors to learn more about SciAct projects (fish) in various NASA Science Mission Directorate divisions (pools). Out of the 163 participants who scanned their badges in order to opt-in to the SciAct/SCoPE community, 21 identified as undergraduate students, 93 identified as graduate students, and 49 identified as professionals.

Learning area of the NASA booth showing inflatable swimming pools filled with fish, balls, etc. In the background is a backdrop of a lake with the title of Gone Fishin' NASA SCoPE and a large inflatable duck in front of it. Around the area, people are using fishing poles to catch fish, scan QR codes, and gathering giveaways.