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A Malignant Tale – Time Traveling Mosquitoes

A Malignant Tale - Time Traveling Mosquitoes

The NESEC-led GLOBE Mission Mosquito campaign partnered with the American Philosophical Society on Aug. 12, 2021 to present an interactive webinar exploring their virtual lesson, “A Malignant Tale.” The lesson focuses on Philadelphia’s 1793 yellow fever epidemic (a vector-borne disease). Participants learned the details of how Caspar Wistar Haines and his family experienced the city-wide epidemic. Through letters, they discovered the role of the Free African Society in taking care of Philadelphians during this time of need and the sacrifices they made. ~250 participants made connections between the 1793 epidemic and mosquito borne diseases of today, via these personal stories, the roles of essential workers, and the history of science and medicine.

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