Tour It Showcase with Infiniscope

Tour It Showcase with Infiniscope

Infiniscope welcomed over 26 educators and 28 participants to our Tour It Showcase, held August 5, 2021. These 26 educators participated in the summer Virtual Tours workshop held July 19 - 22, 2021 to learn how to increase accessibility using place-based education and created immersive virtual tours that are tailored to the needs of their learners. These virtual tours incorporate NASA science for both formal and informal audiences of all ages.

"Thank you so much for this event! I truly enjoyed seeing the other projects and hearing other teacher’s ideas. FABULOUS JOB organizing it and thank you for allowing us time to share and create things we can be proud of now, but also use in the future. I do not know you personally, but you are all awesome!" - Participant

"The Infiniscope virtual tours training opened my eyes to the concept of 'place' as an accessible, memorable, and immersive learning tool. By incorporating the tour builder into my remote outreach routines, I can add an interactive dimension to STEM-related virtual field trips and virtual escape rooms." - Michaela Neal

"It has the potential to bring an entire world to an audience who may never have the chance to experience the location otherwise. And when utilized correctly, can engage them in the most enriching of ways." - Shawn Witt

Digital conference floor with clusters of tables and participants. Center shows activity at one table, presenter is screen sharing a virtual tour while table participants are listening to the presentation.