Lunar Science Stories


Approval to Exceed GSA Lodging for LPSC 2024

2 min read

This letter from SARA is to issue a waiver for NASA grantees attending LPSC 2024 allowing them to be reimbursed out of their grants for their actual lodging, although it’s expected to be above the approved GSA amount. This waiver…

Article3 months ago

Deploying and Demonstrating Navigation Aids on the Lunar Surface

5 min read

NASA is developing lunar navigation beacons to be deployed on spacecraft or the lunar surface to aid in localization and help future space vehicles determine position, velocity, and time to high accuracy.

Article4 months ago

What is the Lunar Explorer Instrument for Space Biology Applications?

7 min read

An experiment on the Moon’s surface that will study yeast’s biological response to the lunar environment to help understand and mitigate health risks for astronauts. NASA’s plans to explore the Moon and eventually go to Mars will bring humans deeper…