CubeSat Mission to Study Solar Particles

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Nov. 16, 2022


Sun-Earth Interaction


Measure particles and magnetic fields in space

CuSP was designed to be a space weather station to measure particles and magnetic fields in space. CuSP launched on the Artemis 1 mission on Nov. 16, 2022. It was deployed successfully, but contact was lost after about an hour.


On the first flight of the Space Launch System, the CuSP secondary payload will serve as a “space weather station” to measure particles and magnetic fields in space. This test will provide data to see if it would be practical to launch many more CubeSats around Earth to monitor space weather. These would mimic the way terrestrial weather sensors monitor weather all over the globe. This is one of two payloads selected by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. LunaH-Map, the other Science Mission Directorate payload


will map hydrogen within craters and other permanently shadowed regions throughout the moon’s South Pole.

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