Dragonfly Stories

Artist’s concept of Dragonfly soaring over the dunes of Saturn’s moon Titan.

NASA’s Dragonfly Rotorcraft Mission to Saturn’s Moon Titan Confirmed

3 min read

NASA has confirmed its Dragonfly rotorcraft mission to Saturn’s organic-rich moon Titan. The decision allows the mission to progress to completion of final design, followed by the construction and testing of the entire spacecraft and science instruments. “Dragonfly is a…

Article3 months ago
Artist’s Impression. Dragonfly Departs and heads off toward its next landing spot on Titan.

NASA’s Dragonfly to Proceed with Final Mission Design Work

3 min read

NASA’s Dragonfly mission has been authorized to proceed with work on final mission design and fabrication – known as Phase C – during fiscal year (FY) 2024. The agency is postponing formal confirmation of the mission (including its total cost…

Article8 months ago

NASA’s Dragonfly Tunnel Visions

5 min read

Dragonfly Team Utilizes Unique NASA Facilities to Shape Its Innovative Titan-bound Rotorcraft  With its dense atmosphere and low gravity, Saturn’s moon Titan is a great place to fly.  But well before NASA’s Dragonfly rotorcraft lander soars through Titan’s skies, researchers…

Article9 months ago

NASA’s Dragonfly Team Soars through Major Design Review

4 min read

Before it can fly its revolutionary rotorcraft over the organic dunes of Saturn’s moon Titan, NASA’s Dragonfly mission team needs to navigate a series of independent reviews to demonstrate the flight project is on track.

Article1 year ago

NASA Instrument Bound for Titan Could Reveal Chemistry Leading to Life

5 min read

NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Saturn’s giant moon, Titan, will carry an instrument called the Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer designed to help scientists hone in on the chemistry at work on Titan. It may also shed light on the kinds of chemical…

Article1 year ago

Rotors for Mission to Titan Tested at Langley’s Transonic Dynamics Tunnel

3 min read

NASA explores the unknown in space, bringing the secrets of our solar system home so we can apply that information for the benefit of humanity. In that spirit, NASA will explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, to help advance humanity’s search…

Article2 years ago

Lasers to Probe Origin of Life on a Frigid Moon and Take the Space-Time Pulse of Star-Shattering Collisions Built in Goddard Lab

7 min read

On Saturn’s giant moon Titan, liquid methane and other hydrocarbons rain down, carving rivers, lakes and seas in a landscape of frozen water. The complex chemistry on this icy world could be analogous to the period when life first emerged…

Article3 years ago

NASA Scientists Discover ‘Weird’ Molecule in Titan’s Atmosphere

7 min read

NASA scientists identified a molecule in Titan’s atmosphere that has never been detected in any other atmosphere. In fact, many chemists have probably barely heard of it or know how to pronounce it: cyclopropenylidene, or C3H2. Scientists say that this…

Article4 years ago

Dragonfly Launch Moved to 2027

2 min read

UPDATE: Dragonfly is scheduled to launch in June of 2027 and arrive at Titan by 2034, which will require use of a high-energy launch option. NASA has not yet selected the launch vehicle for Dragonfly but will announce the selection…

Article4 years ago
Trio of full disc views showing both interior how different spectrums can reveal feature's under Titan's perpetual clouds.

Why is NASA Sending Dragonfly to Titan? Here are Five Reasons

7 min read

NASA is preparing to send the drone-like Dragonfly to the intriguing moon, Titan. Here are five reasons Saturn's largest moons is so enticing.

Article4 years ago