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Studying the Edge of the Sun’s Magnetic Bubble

7 min read

Our corner of the universe, the solar system, is nestled inside the Milky Way galaxy, home to more than 100 billion stars. The solar system is encased in a bubble called the heliosphere, which separates us from the vast galaxy…

Article2 years ago

New Evidence Our Neighborhood in Space Is Stuffed With Hydrogen

7 min read

Only the two Voyager spacecraft have ever been there, and it took than more than 30 years of supersonic travel. It lies well past the orbit of Pluto, through the rocky Kuiper belt, and on for four times that distance.…

Article3 years ago

Uncovering Our Solar System’s Shape

7 min read

Scientists have developed a new prediction of the shape of the bubble surrounding our solar system using a model developed with data from NASA missions. All the planets of our solar system are encased in a magnetic bubble, carved out…

Article4 years ago