PACE Stories


NASA Invites Public to Share in Excitement of PACE Mission Launch

2 min read

NASA is hosting virtual activities ahead of the launch of the PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem) mission and invites you to share in the fun. The PACE mission will help us better understand how the ocean and atmosphere exchange…


New NASA Satellite To Unravel Mysteries About Clouds, Aerosols

6 min read

Some of the same properties of light and optics that make the sky blue and cause rainbows can also help scientists unlock mysteries about cloud formation and the effects of tiny particles in our air. NASA’s upcoming PACE mission will…


Gary Davis: Keeping the PACE in Missions and Music

10 min read

Creative Gary Davis has a blast as Mission Systems Engineer for PACE and playing loud brass instruments. He recently combined the two.