SORCE Stories


New NASA Data Sheds (Sun) Light on Climate Models

6 min read

Have you ever worn a dark T-shirt on a sunny day and felt the fabric warm in the Sun’s rays? Most of us know dark colors absorb sunlight and light colors reflect it – but did you know this doesn’t…


Solar Energy Tracker Powers Down After 17 Years

8 min read

After nearly two decades, the Sun has set for NASA’s Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE), a mission that continued and advanced the agency’s 40-year record of measuring solar irradiance and studying its influence on Earth’s climate.  The SORCE team…


September 2017’s Intense Solar Activity Viewed From Space

7 min read

This page contains flashing images. September 2017 saw a spate of solar activity, with the Sun emitting 27 M-class and four X-class flares and releasing several powerful coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, between Sept. 6-10. Solar flares are powerful bursts…