Lunar Gateway Instruments to Improve Weather Forecasting for Artemis Astronauts

5 min read

One of the first things people want to know before taking a trip is what the weather will be like wherever they are headed. For Artemis astronauts traveling on missions to the Moon, two space weather instrument suites, NASA’s HERMES…


NASA Spacecraft Helps Identify Solar Radiation Patterns That Expose the Moon

4 min read

Which way the wind blows in space has new importance for astronaut safety at the Moon. Using data from several NASA missions, scientists discovered that wind created by high-speed particles from the Sun can cause the tail of Earth’s protective…


Artemis, meet ARTEMIS: Pursuing Sun Science at the Moon

6 min read

By 2024, NASA will land astronauts, including the first woman and next man, on the Moon as part of the Artemis lunar exploration program. This won’t be the first time NASA takes the name Artemis to the Moon though. Two…