Portrait of Ali Rangwala in glasses and an off-white button-up shirt.

Ali Rangwala

Professor and Researcher at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Ali Rangwala is a professor and researcher at the Worcester
Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts. His
research areas include Industrial Fire and Explosion Safety, Dust
and Gas Explosions, Fire Dynamics, Material Flammability, and
Hazardous Waste Burning.

Dr. Rangwala currently teaches classes in Industrial Fire Safety,
Explosion Protection, Combustion, and Heat Transfer. He is also
working on a multitude of projects including the development of
measurement and sensing devices designed to identify the
presence, velocity, and flow direction of smoke and the
development of benchmark tests to better understand the physics
of ignition and deflagration in dust-air premixed combustion.

Dr. Rangwala earned his PhD from the University of California,
San Diego and his MS from the University of Maryland. He earned
his BS from the Government College of Engineering located in
Pune, India.