Jonathan Pober headshot, male, reddish brown hair, beard, smile.

Jonathan Pober

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. (2013) • Astrophysics • University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A. (2010) • Astrophysics • University of California, Berkeley
  • M.Phil. (2008) • Physics • University of Cambridge
  • B.S. (2007) • Physics, Astronomy, & Philosophy • Haverford College

Current Position

  • Assistant Professor at Brown University, Department of Physics
  • Leading a research group focused on both ground and space-based “21 cm cosmology,” teaching and mentoring students and early career researchers.

A partial image of the surface of the far side of the moon.
A partial image of the surface of the far side of the moon.

Technology Interests

  • Software for precision simulation and analysis of low-frequency radio interferometry data
  • Digital signal processing instrumentation for radio astronomy with 1-part-in-105+ spectral precision
  • Mass antenna fabrication technology for remote lunar surface deployment
  • Reducing electromagnetic interference and preserving the radio-quiet Shielded Zone of the Moon

Goals and Aspirations

  • Developing new techniques and technologies for advancing fundamental physics and cosmology with low-frequency radio astronomy
  • Building scientific software that represents the best practices of transparency, reproducibility, and sustainability
  • Training the next generation of student leaders in science and technology
  • Creating a scientific community that embraces diversity and is safe and welcoming for all members