Photograph of Lyndon Bridgwater

Lyndon Bridgwater

VIPER Rover lead system engineer

Education: University of Houston, bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
Hometown: Houston, Texas
What inspired you to join NASA? Meeting an astronaut in second grade.
Favorite beverage, food, or fuel: Homemade sourdough bread and pretzels.

Lyndon Bridgwater is a robotics engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. He has worked on a wide variety of robots, including eight-legged climbing spider robots, large-diameter spherical rolling robots, and all-terrain exploration rovers. Two of his proudest accomplishments are helping the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, develop a new prosthetic arm and hand to provide better dexterity to wounded veterans, and creating the robotics merit badge for the Boy Scouts of America. When Lyndon isn't at work or coaching school robotics teams, he enjoys bicycling and scuba diving.