Portrait of Maren Mossman smiling in glasses with medium length hair.

Maren Mossman

Head of the Quantum Hydrodynamics Lab at University of San Diego

Dr. Maren Mossman is the Head of the Quantum Hydrodynamics
Lab and an Assistant Professor of Physics at University of San
Diego in the Department of Physics and Biophysics. She also
serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Washington State
University, where she collaborates with the Engels group
performing experiments and simulations with NASA’s Cold Atom
Laboratory (CAL).

Dr. Mossman studies the behavior of neutral Bose gas mixtures
when cooled to temperatures near absolute zero. Her research
involves the creation, manipulation, and investigation of dilute
ultracold quantum gases, with interests in driven out-of-equilibrium
quantum hydrodynamics, quantum simulation, quantum liquids,
and few-body physics.

Dr. Mossman received her PhD in Physics from Washington State
University in 2019.