Headshot of Nathan Lundblad smiling in a light gray button-up shirt.

Nathan Lundblad

Professor of Physics

Dr. Nathan Lundblad is a professor of Physics at Bates College in
Lewiston, Maine. He oversees the Lundblad lab, an experimental
atomic physics research facility. Dr. Lundblad performs
experiments both at Bates and at JPL using ultracold atoms
trapped in ultrahigh vacuum with magnetic fields and lasers.

Dr. Lundblad’s work focuses on the physics of matter cooled to
just barely above absolute zero, specifically, the phenomena
associated with Bose-Einstein condensation in shell-like traps and
in optical lattices. He explores the phenomenon of Bose-Einstein
condensation terrestrially and in microgravity.

Dr. Lundblad earned his PhD in Physics from the California
Institute of Technology. He also earned a BA in Physics and
Astrophysics from the University of California, Berkeley.