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Physical Science Data for All

NASA has designated 2023 the “Year of Open Science”— a next-generation step towards increasing accessibility to decades’ worth of research data.

NASA’s Open Science initiative aims to foster greater collaboration within the scientific community by removing all barriers to reviewing and analyzing benchmark data generated over the years by NASA-funded physical science research.  The primary intent is to advance research in areas that will enable NASA’s vision of space exploration and benefit life on Earth.

As part of NASA’s long-term commitment to building an inclusive open science community, the Physical Science Informatics (PSI) database was established to ingest and curate data encompassing the research areas of Fluid Physics, Fundamental Physics, Materials Science, Combustion Science, Biophysics, and Colloid/Soft Matter.

Recently, PSI was upgraded to an Open Science Data Repository (OSDR) to provide the public with open access to data generated in reduced-gravity environments such as the International Space Station, Space Shuttle flights, free-flyers, and flight analogs, as well as important ground-based studies.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities for Research Utilizing PSI Data

NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences (BPS) division annually announces a request for proposals for the above-mentioned research areas and provides funding opportunities for researchers to conduct investigations using data available in PSI. The next solicitation will be released in September 2023 as part of the NASA Research Announcement, Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES).

2023 ROSES PSI solicitation release:  September 15, 2023
Due date for optional notices of intent to propose:  October 31, 2023
Due date for proposals:  January 10, 2024

Image collage with an astronaut floating in space looking back at the city light-speckled earth. Text at the bottom of the image reads "Help NASA know before we go..."

Additional information is available through NASA NSPIRES. The final PSI 2023 solicitation and supporting details will be made available upon release on Sept 15, 2023.

Decadal Survey Will Inform Future NASA Research

NASA’s BPS Division is awaiting the recommendations of the 2023 Decadal Survey which will inform the division’s research priorities for the decade ahead and shape future solicitations in these physical science disciplines.

Decadal Surveys are community-driven, bottom-up studies produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) that aim to formulate a community consensus about the most compelling science questions for the decade ahead in each of the disciplines. This process provides a rare opportunity for scientists and engineers to share their insights and help shape the scientific endeavors of the next decade.

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