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NeMO-Net Citizen Science Project Gets a 4.9 Star Rating

screenshot of NemoNet citizen science game
Users have submitted over 56K classifications of coral at the new, highly rated, NeMO-Net app.

NASA's new citizen science project, NeMO-Net is making waves! NeMO-Net is a game where players help NASA classify coral reefs by painting 3D and 2D images of coral. Players embark on a virtual research vessel and travel the oceans by analyzing actual images of corals on the sea floor. As you explore, you learn about different types of corals and how to classify them. Each classification you make will help researchers better understand how coral reefs are changing, and ultimately, find a way to save these amazing underwater worlds.

Within one month of it being released, NeMO-Net garnered over 35K downloads, over 364 reviews, and a 4.9 star rating on the iPhone App Store. Users have submitted over 56K classifications of coral and, using the in-game rating system, over 43K ratings of other user classifications. The classifications created through NeMO-Net look promising—these will assist the NeMO-Net team to train a supercomputer in the real world to one day classify corals on its own.

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Visit www.nemonet.info for additional information.

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