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Near-Earth Asteroids as of May 2024

May 2024

Infographic for Planetary Defense by the numbers. The title reads Near-Earth Asteroids next to the NASA logo. 34,798 discovered near-earth asteroids of all sizes. 860 discovered and 50 estimated left to be found asteroids larger than 1 km. 10,852 discovered and 15,000 estimated left to be found asteroids larger than 140 meters. 100 Tons: Amount of dust and sand-sized particles that bombard Earth daily. 13 known near-Earth asteroids passed closer to Earth than the moon in the last 30 days, 119 in the last 365 days and 443,400,000 observations submitted to the Minor Planet Center.

Each month, NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office releases a monthly update featuring the most recent figures on NASA’s planetary defense efforts, near-Earth object close approaches, and other timely facts about comets and asteroids that could pose an impact hazard with Earth. Here is what we've found so far.