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Happy Valentine’s Day

Send your love from outer space! Share or download six out-of-this-world valentines to send to your space-ial someone.

Earth valentine

Tell someone they're as unique as the only life-bearing planet we know. Though we've found thousands of planets spinning in the galaxy, we haven't yet found any to match the beauty of the vibrant life on our home planet.

Tidally-locked valentine

Keep your valentine close with a tidally-locked planet that always faces its star. Tidally-locked planets are so close to their star, the strength of their star's gravity locks one side of the planet in a sunny day, and the other half in lasting starry night.

Rogue planet valentine

Celebrate your rocking single status with a rogue planet! Rogue planets float freely through the universe, without the gravity of a star or planetary system to hold them in one place. You could say they're dancing among the stars.

Tightly-knit system valentine

Give these tight-knit worlds to your faves. The Kepler-11 system is made up of six planets closely packed together. If these exoplanets from light-years away were dropped into our solar system, all six would fit between Venus and the Sun. Talk about a close family.

Hot Jupiter Valentine

Celebrate with a Jupiter that's red hot. A hot Jupiter is a kind of gas giant that tightly hugs its star. Its orbit lasts a few days or weeks, equal to one year on Earth.

Habitable valentine

Tell someone they're just right for you. A planet in the habitable zone of its star is one that's not too hot and not too cold, but just right for liquid water.