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NASA Puts Next-Gen Exoplanet-Imaging Technology to the Test

6 min read

A cutting-edge tool to view planets outside our solar system has passed two key tests ahead of its launch as part of the agency’s Roman Space Telescope by 2027. The Coronagraph Instrument on NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will…

Article6 months ago
Illustration shows Earth's Sun swollen into its red-giant phase billions of years from now. The Sun itself is a fiery red orange, and four planets – our solar system's inner planets – can be seen as crescents being consumed by the swollen Sun, their atmospheres beginning to be blown away into diffuse trails behind them.

Finding Life Beyond Earth: What Comes Next?

6 min read

The final story in our series considers the future of the search for life beyond Earth – and whether we might find another system to inhabit when ours meets its end billions of years from now.

Article12 months ago
As if in orbit, we see in this illustration the limb of a distant planet, dark as if on the night-side, in the foreground, with blobs and streams of artificial light on the surface. In the middle of the image, with the planet below, is the planet’s star – its sun – just at the edge of the planet, which stretches on a curve all the way across the image. Above the planet and star is the dark of space.

Searching for Signs of Intelligent Life: Technosignatures

8 min read

Signs of life beyond Earth could take forms that are clearly artificial – radio or light signals, or even evidence of large-scale engineering.

Article1 year ago