Search For Life In The Universe Stories


NASA Puts Next-Gen Exoplanet-Imaging Technology to the Test

7 min read

A cutting-edge tool to view planets outside our solar system has passed two key tests ahead of its launch as part of the agency’s Roman Space Telescope by 2027. The Coronagraph Instrument on NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will…


Where Are Stars Made? NASA’s Spitzer Spies a Hot Spot

4 min read

The most massive stars in the universe are born inside cosmic clouds of gas and dust, where they leave behind clues about their lives for astronomers to decode.  The nebula known as W51 is one of the most active star-forming…


The Search for Life Beyond Earth: A Special Live NASA Event

3 min read

We’ve discovered thousands of worlds orbiting around other stars, called exoplanets, including many that are similar in size to Earth.  But how do we know if some of these worlds might support life?   NASA has formed a community of…