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Applied Sciences Program

Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2011
The NASA Applied Sciences program is requesting proposals in ROSES-11 Appendices A.33, A.34. A.35, and A.36. The Program is also supporting efforts in ROSES-11 Appendices A.12, A.37, and A.41.

Welcome to the NASA Applied Sciences Program.  The Program funds projects that enable innovative uses of NASA Earth science data in organizations' policy, business, and management decisions. The project results and enhanced decision making improve the quality of life and strengthen the economy.

We invite you to learn more at the Program's main website at:

Annual Report for SMD/ESD Applied Sciences

NASA Forecasting Turbulence:

Turbulence, the leading cause of injuries in commercial aviation, is a particular concern for transoceanic flights, in remote areas where the phenomenon is often worst and pilots have little information. NASA and NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) are working to develop a prototype system to enhance the weather information available to pilots flying over these remote ocean regions.

Turbulence Clouds

NASA Applied Sciences Program