Joel Scott, Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program

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Joel Scott is a program support scientist for the NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry program within the Earth Science Division. This program is focused on describing, understanding, and predicting the biological, ecological, and biogeochemical regimes of the upper ocean, as determined by observation of aquatic optical properties using in situ and remote sensing data, including those from space, aircraft, and other suborbital platforms

Joel has over a decade of experience as a program coordinator and research scientist with a background in ocean biology, data science, and satellite oceanography. He works to advance our understanding of our home planet, Earth, while advocating for open science principles and cutting-edge technology development to answer the most pressing questions about our global oceans and their role in the carbon cycle. He holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in meteorology and mathematics with a specialization in remote sensing and air-sea energy exchange. Joel authors peer-reviewed literature and mentors students and interns.