Dark Energy and Matter Stories

Cover image of the Hubble Focus: Dark Universe e-book. Black background with a galaxy cluster that is superimposed with a blue-white haze that indicates the location of dark matter. Top of the image holds the phrase, "Hubble Focus." The "o" in focus is Hubble as we look down the tube of the telescope.

NASA’s New Hubble E-Book Spotlights Universe’s Best-Kept Dark Secrets

5 min read

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope team has released a new downloadable e-book in the Hubble Focus series, called “Hubble Focus: The Dark Universe.” This e-book highlights the mission’s recent discoveries about two mysterious components of our universe, known as dark energy…

Article2 weeks ago

NASA’s Roman to Search for Signs of Dark Matter Clumps

7 min read

Some of the finest, smallest details in the universe – the gaps between elongated groups of stars – may soon help astronomers reveal dark matter in greater detail than ever before. After NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope launches, by May 2027, researchers will…

Article3 months ago

First Science Images Released From ESA Mission With NASA Contributions

7 min read

The new images from the Euclid mission include a cluster of thousands of distant galaxies, demonstrating the spacecraft’s unique abilities.  The Euclid mission, which will investigate the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, released its first five science images…

Article5 months ago