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Cover image of the Hubble Focus: Dark Universe e-book. Black background with a galaxy cluster that is superimposed with a blue-white haze that indicates the location of dark matter. Top of the image holds the phrase, "Hubble Focus." The "o" in focus is Hubble as we look down the tube of the telescope.

NASA’s New Hubble E-Book Spotlights Universe’s Best-Kept Dark Secrets

5 min read

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope team has released a new downloadable e-book in the Hubble Focus series, called “Hubble Focus: The…

Article3 weeks ago
Big Bang Infographic showing the timeline of the history of the big bang and the formation of the building blocks of the universe. he history of the universe is outlined in this infographic. It starts with Inflation, then the first particles in 1 microsecond, followed by first nuclei (10 seconds); first light (300,000 years); first stars (200 million years); galaxies and dark matter (400 million years); dark energy (10 billion years); present (13.8 billion years). NASA

What is Dark Energy? Inside our accelerating, expanding Universe

11 min read

Some 13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with a rapid expansion we call the big bang. After this initial…

Article3 months ago

NASA’s Roman Mission Gears Up for a Torrent of Future Data

7 min read

NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope team is exploring ways to support community efforts that will prepare for the deluge…

Article7 months ago

NASA’s Roman and ESA’s Euclid Will Team Up To Investigate Dark Energy

8 min read

A new space telescope named Euclid, an ESA (European Space Agency) mission with important contributions from NASA, is set to…

Article10 months ago

NASA Completes Heart of Roman Space Telescope’s Primary Instrument

3 min read

The heart of NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope was recently delivered to Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado, for integration…

Article11 months ago

Framework for NASA’s Roman Spacecraft Moves to Goddard Clean Room

3 min read

The primary structure that will serve as the “bones” of NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope has moved into the…

Article12 months ago