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A tagged elephant seal basks on Kerguelen Island, a French territory in the Antarctic. Elephant seals are tagged as part of a French research program called SO-MEMO (Observing System - Mammals as Samplers of the Ocean Environment), operated by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The tags - actually, sensors with antennas - are glued to the seals' heads in accordance with established ethical standards when the animals come ashore either to breed or to molt. The researchers remove the tags to retrieve their data when the seals return to land. If they miss a tag, it drops off with the dead skin in the next molting season. Credit: Sorbonne University/Etienne Pauthenet › Larger view

Amendment 28: Delay of Proposal Due Date for E.11 Consortium in Biological Sciences

1 min read

E.11 Consortium in Biological Sciences solicits proposals from a consortium in biological sciences to enable and/or carry out research investigations…

Satellite photo of a deep green landscape. The top right corner is mostly covered by a patchwork of small altocumulus clouds, the land showing between not significant enough to make any discernable insights. A much smaller patch of similar clouds are also found in the lower left. Streaked between the two patches of clouds is a significant amount of smoke, discernable origin points near the top left, mid center left where Fort Nelson is, and lower center. The smoke is blown to the right of the image and the origin points are opaque, but the bottom right appears somewhat translucent and imparts a somewhat blue hue to the ground seen below.

Amendment 26: A.44 Earth Action: Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team Proposal Due Date Delay.

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A.44 Earth Action: Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQ AST) seeks proposals to form a Health and Air…


The 1998 Florida Firestorm and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

5 min read

East central Florida’s natural environment and climate have shaped, and delayed, Kennedy Space Center launch operations since the 1960s. Torrential…

Article3 weeks ago
people in search-and-rescue attire stand among rubble

NASA Announces New System to Aid Disaster Response

4 min read

In early May, widespread flooding and landslides occurred in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, leaving thousands of…

Article1 month ago
The image shows a road leading to a river or stream that is currently experiencing flooding. The road is blocked off with a yellow and black striped barrier and a sign that reads "AREA CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING." The water level in the river is high, and the current appears strong, with debris visible in the water. The surrounding area is lush with green trees and vegetation, indicating a rural or natural setting. The sky above is partly cloudy.

North Carolina Volunteers Work Toward Cleaner Well Water

2 min read

When the ground floods during a storm, floodwaters wash bacteria and other contaminants into private wells. But thanks to citizen…

Article1 month ago

Ongoing Venus Volcanic Activity Discovered With NASA’s Magellan Data

6 min read

An analysis of data from Magellan’s radar finds two volcanoes erupted in the early 1990s. This adds to the 2023…

Article2 months ago