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Coming in Hot — NASA’s Chandra Checks Habitability of Exoplanets

4 min read

This graphic shows a three-dimensional map of stars near the Sun. These stars are close enough that they could be…

Article1 week ago

NASA’s Roman Mission Gets Cosmic ‘Sneak Peek’ From Supercomputers

6 min read

Researchers are diving into a synthetic universe to help us better understand the real one. Using supercomputers at the U.S.…

Article1 week ago

How NASA’s Roman Mission Will Hunt for Primordial Black Holes

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered black holes ranging from a few times the Sun’s mass to tens of billions. Now a group…

Article1 month ago
Approaching an accreting black hole

New NASA Black Hole Visualization Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink

5 min read

Ever wonder what happens when you fall into a black hole? Now, thanks to a new, immersive visualization produced on…

Article1 month ago

X-ray Satellite XMM-Newton Sees ‘Space Clover’ in a New Light

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered enormous circular radio features of unknown origin around some galaxies. Now, new observations of one dubbed the…

Article2 months ago

NASA’s Roman to Search for Signs of Dark Matter Clumps

5 min read

Some of the finest, smallest details in the universe – the gaps between elongated groups of stars – may soon…

Article5 months ago