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A side-by-side image showing both faces of Jupiter on the black background of space. At the top, left corner of the left-hand image is the label Jupiter. Centered at the bottom is the label "January 5, 2024." Jupiter is banded in stripes of brownish orange, light gray, soft yellow, and shades of cream, punctuated with many large storms and small white clouds. The largest storm, the Great Red Spot, is the most prominent feature in the left bottom third of this view. To its lower right is a smaller reddish anticyclone, Red Spot Jr. On the right-hand image, centered at the bottom is the label "January 6, 2024." This opposite side of Jupiter is also banded in stripes of brownish orange, light gray, soft yellow, and shades of cream, with many large storms and small white clouds punctuating the planet. At upper right of center, a pair of storms appear next to each other: a deep-red, triangle-shaped cyclone and a reddish anticyclone. Toward the far-left edge of this view is Jupiter's tiny orange-colored moon Io.

Hubble Tracks Jupiter’s Stormy Weather

3 min read

The giant planet Jupiter, in all its banded glory, is revisited by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in these latest images,…

Article2 months ago
Jupiter's moon Europa with an illustration of the Europa Clipper spacecraft in front of it.

Europa Clipper ICONS Internships

2 min read

Europa ICONS The new Inspiring Clipper: Opportunities for Next-generation Scientists (ICONS) internships will bring members of the Europa Clipper mission…


Venus Atmosphere and Cloud Particle Sample Return for Astrobiology

2 min read

Sara Seager MIT We propose to study a Venus sample return mission focused on the atmosphere—both the gas component and…

Article2 years ago

Where Rocks Come Alive: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Observes an Asteroid in Action

7 min read

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere – and while here on Earth, “happy hour” is commonly associated with winding down and the…

Article4 years ago

Revisiting Decades-Old Voyager 2 Data, Scientists Find One More Secret

6 min read

Eight and a half years into its grand tour of the solar system, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft was ready for…

Article4 years ago
Artist's rendering of the planets in our solar system, with the Sun at left.


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