Brown Dwarfs

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Background: A black landscape with small stars. Left: A small Jupiter-like orb. Right: A larger reddish orb passes in front of a star.

A Solar Neighborhood Census, Thanks to NASA Citizen Science

4 min read

To take a census of nearby cosmic objects, sending out a survey won’t work. Scientists need to use many telescopes…

Article1 month ago
This artist's concept shows a brown dwarf, an object more massive than a planet but smaller than a star. The dwarf is a cherry-red sphere. It has horizontal stripes of various shades of red that are cloud bands. In the dark background there are myriad stars that are inside our Milky Way galaxy.

NASA’s Hubble Finds that Aging Brown Dwarfs Grow Lonely

4 min read

It takes two to tango, but in the case of brown dwarfs that were once paired as binary systems, that…

Article2 months ago

NASA’s Webb Finds Signs of Possible Aurorae on Isolated Brown Dwarf

7 min read

Infrared emission from methane suggests atmospheric heating by auroral processes. Astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have found a…

Article5 months ago

NASA’s Webb Identifies Tiniest Free-Floating Brown Dwarf

6 min read

Brown dwarfs are objects that straddle the dividing line between stars and planets. They form like stars, growing dense enough…

Article5 months ago
Where the Sun Sets Twice (Artist Concept)

Strange New Worlds

1 min read

A world with two suns, a lava planet, and a world trapped in eternal darkness are just some of the…

Artist rendering of a fast spinning brown dwarf

Fast-Spinning Brown Dwarfs May Reveal a Rotational Speed Limit

6 min read

Using data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have identified the three fastest-spinning brown dwarfs ever found. More massive than…

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