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A dark cloud of gas and dust sits along the top half of the image. The cloud is illuminated by a bright-white star below it and just to the right of image center. Another bright object, looking like a bright, vertical disk bisected by a dark cloud, sits just to the right of the main cloud and above and to the right of the bright-white star. A jet of bright, turquoise light streams to the left and right from each side of the vertical disk-like object. A section of the jet, to the left, appears to be hidden behind the dark cloud, but emerges from the cloud left of image center. The background is black with rusty hues near the bright-white star.

Hubble Sees New Star Proclaiming Presence with Cosmic Lightshow

3 min read

Jets emerge from the cocoon of a newly forming star to blast across space, slicing through the gas and dust…

Article2 months ago
An image of a region of a molecular cloud. The orange cloud is dense and bright close to the top of the image, like rolling clouds, and grows darker and more wispy toward the bottom and in the top corner. One bright star with six short diffraction spikes and several dimmer stars are visible as light spots among the clouds.

Cheers! NASA’s Webb Finds Ethanol, Other Icy Ingredients for Worlds

5 min read

Editor’s Note: This article was updated March 13, 2024, to clarify the likelihood that chemicals found around IRAS 2A were…

Article2 months ago
A nebula with stars. The center of the image from top-left to bottom-right glows brightly with the light of newly forming stars and is partially obscured by dark dust. Colored layers of gas and dust billow out across the rest of the image. Foreground stars with large diffraction spikes speckle the nebula.

Hubble Views a Massive Star Forming

2 min read

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is teeming with color and activity. It features a relatively close star-forming…

Article3 months ago

Webb Telescope: A prominent protostar in Perseus

3 min read

This new Picture of the Month from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope reveals intricate details of the Herbig Haro object 797…

Article6 months ago

NASA’s Webb Reveals New Features in Heart of Milky Way

4 min read

The latest image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shows a portion of the dense center of our galaxy in…

Article6 months ago
A nebula with stars. Dense clouds of dust and gas cover the left-hand side and a filament crosses the center horizontally. Billowing streams of gas and dust in various colors emerge from around the center. The very center of the image is permeated with glowing orange regions. Many blue stars with cross-shaped spikes lie in the foreground, and small point-like stars are visible beyond the clouds.

Hubble Spies Colorful Shroud of a Stellar Jet

2 min read

This spectacular image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows a region called G35.2-0.7N, which lies around 7,200 light-years from…

Article7 months ago