GLOBE Observer

The GLOBE Observer citizen science app allows volunteers to take several different kinds of data using their cell phones, and join the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) community. The data are used in multiple projects to track changes in the environment in support of Earth system science research. The resulting open data set is available to scientists, and used by students of all ages doing a variety of research projects through the GLOBE Program.

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13 and up


Earth Science



What you'll do


  • Time to get started: Minutes
  • Equipment:
    • Smartphone (Android or iOS) with the GLOBE Observer app installed
    • Optional: Clip-on smartphone magnifier for mosquito habitat mapper; Tape measure for trees; Air thermometer for eclipse.
  • Knowledge: None. An in-app tutorial and instructions are provided.

Get started!

  1. Visit the project website or download the cellphone app on Google Play or the Apple app store.
  2. Create an account.  
  3. Choose the protocol that interests you most, or do them all:
    1. Clouds
    2. Land Cover
    3. Mosquito Habitat Mapper
    4. Trees
    5. Eclipse
  4. Follow instructions in the mobile app to start contributing!

Learn More

GLOBE Observer is proud to be part of the international GLOBE Program. Visit our website to access free resources for formal and informal educators, our list of publications, and special events and NASA GLOBE Challenges.

Clouds has a cloud and diffuse rainbow.
Land Cover shows a grid of big pixels overlaying a rolling landscape.
Mosquito Habitat Mapper has a flying mosquito above a wave of water, with a mosquito larvae suspended below.
Trees shows a forest of diverse trees types.
Total Eclipse cleverly uses the “C” in “Eclipse” as an eclipse, with the “c” as the star in bright white surrounded by radiating corona and the circle of black in the center as the planetary object partially blocking the star.

The GLOBE Observer app is available in the following languages: 

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Get to know the people of GLOBE Observer!

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Holli Kohl

Project Coordinator

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Kristen Weaver

Deputy Project Coordinator

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Matteo Kimura

Citizen Scientist / High School Student

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Marilé Colón Robles

NASA GLOBE Clouds Project Scientist / NASA Education Specialist